Amanda Robson

Avon signs two more thrillers from Robson

HarperCollins Publishers has acquired world rights in two new novels from author Amanda Robson. Avon commissioning editor Phoebe Morgan negotiated the deal with Geraldine Nichol at The Book Bureau. Both of the new books under contract will be psychological thrillers. The first in the new deal is slated to publish in April 2019. A second [...]

What’s Your Poison?

The dark allure of poisoning, both in fact and fiction, has added intrigue to my life for many years. From Hamlet to A Series of Unfortunate Events, Agatha Christie to PD James. So many buzz words to tantalise me, to frighten me. To name just a few of my favourites: cyanide, strychnine, arsenic, ricin, Devil’s [...]

How Amanda Got Her Publishing Deal

I got my publishing deal through a combination of hard work, good luck and keeping steely, steely calm. Hard work I think you can only do it if you really love writing for its own sake, not because of what you may or may not achieve. Writing is for me an addiction. I am at [...]

Five Things About Amanda Robson

1. She would have liked to have been an actress in another life. When she writes she acts out each scene in her mind. 2. She recently discovered that she likes house music. 3. As well as reading crime and psychological thrillers she loves literary fiction. Chimamanda Ngozi, Christos Tsiolkas, John Updike, Sebastian Faulkes, and [...]