Neighbours; pain or pleasure?


Neighbours from hell? I have never lived next door to true neighbours from hell; noise monsters who force your house to vibrate with their pulsating rap. Damage your mind with their death metal. Throw drug-fuelled orgies that last all night. But nevertheless, I have experienced moments when it has been wise to keep my [...]

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How Amanda Got Her Publishing Deal


I got my publishing deal through a combination of hard work, good luck and keeping steely, steely calm. Hard work I think you can only do it if you really love writing for its own sake, not because of what you may or may not achieve. Writing is for me an addiction. I am [...]

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Writing Tips From Amanda Robson


1. It’s all about the story, and every scene needs conflict. Only include scenes that move the story forward. 2. Speech needs to be more ‘West Wing’ than polite conversation. Cut normal conversation out as much as you can. The reader does not need to know that the tube was six minutes late. The [...]

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